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Maine police believe hermit robbed for years

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ROME, Maine -

Maine State Police have taken down the camp in the Maine woods that the man known as the North Pond Hermit lived in for more than 20 years.

Christopher Knight was arrested last week - suspected in more than a thousand burglaries in camps around North Pond.

On Friday,  and game wardens showed media some of the items they seized from Knight's campsite in the woods.

Knight's campsite is about a mile through the mud and then another 250 feet into the woods.

And it wasn't just media members who wanted to see. Dave and Louise Proulx have had countless items stolen from them over the years.

"We had some utensils that he stole from us one time," Dave Proulx said. "Not that they're worth any money. Would have been nice to see if our stuff was there."

State Police hauled barrel after barrel of goods they believe were stolen into the pine tree camp.

"He has hauled a mattress up there," Perkins-Vance said. "We know the mattress was taken from here, he actually used a canoe to go across the lake, and he hiked it up into the woods. I mean, he hiked a mattress."

Knight chose a campsite well-shielded from weather and from view.

"I think his whole thought process was not how do I survive today or how to I survive the week, but how do I survive the winter and the weather that changes," said Sgt. Terry Hughes of the Maine Warden Service.

Hughes said Knight told him he did rotate his tents.

"So when his tent goes bad, he just puts up a new one, but then again, he can find a new one in your garage or in a garage here or across the lake," he said.

But why did he want to live in the woods as a hermit?

"I think this is as much to a shock to him after being in solitude for so many years as it is to us to try to comprehend what's going on inside his mind and what's he going to do with life," Hughes said. "I don't think he could answer it to be honest with you."

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