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Defense: Crystal Mangum 'nicked' boyfriend's colon with knife

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The court also heard 911 calls made the night of the stabbing by Wilson and Mangum. At one point, Mangum began crying while listening to the recordings. The court also heard 911 calls made the night of the stabbing by Wilson and Mangum. At one point, Mangum began crying while listening to the recordings.

After two full days of jury selection, Crystal Mangum's murder trial began in Durham with opening statements and witness testimony Thursday afternoon.

Mangum, who falsely accused Duke lacrosse players of rape in 2006, is charged with the murder of her boyfriend, Reginald Daye.

Mangum is accused of stabbing Daye during a domestic dispute April 3, 2011, at his apartment in Durham. She has claimed she stabbed her boyfriend in self-defense. Mangum is also charged with larceny.

She has pleaded not guilty to all charges.

Assistant District Attorney Charlene Coggins-Franks outlined for the jury what they will hear during the coming days.

She said Mangum and Daye went to a party on the evening of April 3 and at some point started to argue.

Franks said Mangum used a knife to stab Daye, went out of the house and to a cousin's apartment, where she told someone what happened.

Franks said it was only after talking with other people that Mangum called 911 and hung up before giving all of the information she needed to give.

Ten days after the stabbing, Daye died, Franks said.

Defense attorney Daniel Meier said he and Mangum do not disagree with everything the state says.

He confirmed Mangum and Daye got into an argument.

Meier said throughout the trial, the jury will hear Daye's perspective through witnesses who talked with him.

Daye admitted to holding Mangum down on the bed until she calmed down and stopped "disrespecting" him, Meier said.

At one point during the argument, Mangum locked herself in the bathroom, Meier told the jury.

Daye thought she was calling police and kicked the door down, ripping it off the frame, and went into the bathroom, dragging Mangum into the bedroom by her hair, Meier said.

At that point, Mangum stabbed Daye a single time in his side, Meier said.

Daye never hit Mangum, but admitted to holding her down and dragging her by her hair, Meier said, adding that Mangum tried to leave three times, but Daye wouldn't let her go.

Daye was taken to Duke University Medical Center, and where it was discovered his colon was "nicked" by the knife, Meier said.

He had surgery and was expected to fully recover, Meier said.

On April 6, Daye had a lack of oxygen to his brain, and went brain dead. He was then taken off of life-support, Meier said.

The prosecution began calling witnesses to the stand Thursday.

Daye's cousin, Hasan Wilson, testified that he did not see Mangum and Daye arguing the night of the stabbing.

Carlos Wilson, Daye's nephew, then testified that Daye showed up at his door "somewhat in a panic state" bleeding after the stabbing. Wilson was the first to call 911.

"He was trying to stay calm, but he was in a lot of pain," Wilson said.

He said he saw the apartment where the stabbing happened, seeing a mess and the knife.

"I couldn't get the image of how the apartment looked out of my head," Wilson said.

Wilson testified he did not see Mangum at the apartment at that time.

He also said that it "didn't take much to push the door in" on the bathroom, saying it was a "cheap fabrication."

Wilson said Daye did not have a history of abusing girlfriends, adding he was usually the one abused.

"Reggie was more of a lover than a fighter," he said.

"I used to joke with him a lot about women beating him up," Wilson said.

The court also heard 911 calls made the night of the stabbing by Wilson and Mangum. At one point, Mangum began crying while listening to the recordings.

Durham Police Officer Bradley Frey, who testified he was the second or third officer on the scene, said he saw two or three knives in the apartment. One of them was stabbed into a couch. Officer Frey also said he saw three bottles of beer and a trail of blood droplets in the apartment and then found Daye.

Officer Frey said that Daye told him he and Mangum were arguing about money.

Officer C.N. Walker said when officers found Mangum, she was lying face down on the floor of her aunt's house.

"It kind of appeared she was intoxicated," he said.

He asked her at least twice to stand up, before having to help her off the floor.

When Walker took Mangum to the police department, he said she "kept trying to wiggle" out of her handcuffs, and successfully got the handcuffs off of one hand.

The judge dismissed the jury at 3:30 p.m. Thursday.

The trial in Durham County Superior Court is expected to take about five to seven days. Judge Paul Ridgeway of Wake County told potential jurors the trial could potentially continue into the week of Thanksgiving or after.


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