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Psychiatrist reads Parker Schenecker emails in wife's double murder trial

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Psychiatrist Demian Obregon took the stand Friday in the double murder trial of Julie Schenecker.

He read two emails sent to him by Parker Schenecker, Julie's husband, describing her mental state and relationships with her children. They are reproduced here without editing.

(WARNING - the video & emails contain an expletive)

Email 1 - November 8, 2011

Dr. Obregon,

Nice to finally link up with you. I had intended to contact you last week, but as I mentioned, with everything going on with regards to Yemen, I've been very busy.

Julie and I have been married for 19+, so I've been through quite a bit (ups and downs) with her. I've been through the hospitalizations, the highs and lows. While I don't get invasive when it comes to her care, I am aware of outward changes...even though Julie is non-communicative about her BP most of the time.

My background, 26 years in Army, son of alcoholic (functioning, non-abusive); son of toxic parental relationship, although parents were very supportive of my brother and me (I'm 2 years younger). Vowed that I'd break the cycle...and think I've been successful.

Julie has had a pretty steady run for about the previous 1.5 years (approximation), but I noticed that everything started unraveling around the time she started exhibiting Tardive Dyskinesia symptoms (involuntary movement of her jaw and tongue). Not really sure what you guys did after that (weaning off Ability, adding meds, etc.) but she's been on a steady decline since then...has been spiraling down into deep depression, partly because of the chemical imbalance (haven't been able to get her back to her "pre-Abilify" self), partly because of the stress of the relationship with our 16-year-old daughter.

Don't know how much she's told you about the relationship with Calyx (our daughter), but it has DEEPLY affected Julie. Julie can no longer control Calyx, and Calyx has been disrespectful and verbally abusive toward Julie (calling her mental unstable, ignorant, you're not my mother, you'll never amount to anything, etc. - all those things that Julie's predisposed to believe in herself due to her lack of self-esteem) and Julie has been both verbally abusive (calling Calyx a "turd" and Julie basically reverting to an adolscent or teen in her dealings with Calyx - not being an adult). Julie is completely distraught that Calyx (who truly is a sweet, smart, VERY insightful young lady) has turned against her. Julie has always considered herself a victim...always. Things are always others' faults; she's not very introspective in my least, if she is introspective, she doesn't seem to take responsibility for her actions.

The fractured relationship (Julie/Calyx) should be reparable, but Julie can't work herself out of the bad situation. For example, when Julie picks Calyx up from school, Calyx doesn't want to talk. Julie insists. Calyx says, "I don't want to talk." Julie keeps engaging Calyx. Calyx says, "You don't want to hear what I have to say - you've told me if I have nothing nice to say, don't say anything." Julie will say, "Go ahead, say it." Calyx will say, "No." Julie says, "Go ahead." Calyx says whatever she was thinking (you're not my mom, you're disgusting, etc.) and Julie gets angry with her. It's a never ending battle. I can't get either one to disengage, but it seems as if Julie is the one bound and determined to argue.

Other than Julie being a low-functioning person, Calyx is probably the most disgusted by Julie's smoking. I've told Julie that if she were to quit smoking that Calyx wouldn't have that to hold against her anymore. Julie says she wants to quit, but she still smokes. I realize how tough it must be to quit, so I offered to send her to an inpatient smoking cessation program. She says she'll think about it.

Now don't get me wrong, Calyx does her share of bitching about food, clothes, the house,'s not 24/7 bliss with her, either.

Back to the chronology - after the end of Abilify and as you started her on Lithium, she was depressed, I could tell, but it didn't seem to totally devastate her. Once on Lithium (could be something else), things have gotten worse. She has been drinking while on Lithium (when I quesitoned her about that, she said you told her she could have 2 drinks a day...I didn't believe her until I saw a note (from you, I think) that had her dosages for her meds along with a note about no more than 2 drinks a day). I still don't believe she should be allowed to drink while on Lithium...but I guess that's your call.

Julie really hasn't been a drinking - traditionally we might have a drink w/dinner 2-3 times a week...truly...and there are periods where we might not even have a drink in a month...until recently, alcohol has not been a factor in our home lives.

So, she's on Lithium 3 days and we go to New Orleans for my mom's 75th. 11 Sep 2010 - Julie gets drunk at dinner (she says she had 3 drinks at dinner, it was probably more), walks outside to smoke, and says she lost her balance. She fell in the parking lot, cut open her forehead, scratched up her arms, etc. - trip to the ER.

We come back to Tampa and she falls down again (in the house). She starts getting worse - LOTS of time in bed. Lots of slurred speech, speaking as if her tongue was thick, VERY slow physical movements and thought/reaction. Most of the days, she gets carpool done on time and food on the table. Functioning, but VERY strained.

Notice she's drinking (more than just a glass of wine with dinner). Bottles of wine coming/going...a large bottle gone in a few days - that's a lot for Julie. She's obviously drinking in the afternoon; she even had a glass of wine (had already had at least one) right before taking our son to soccer practice. When I questioned her about it, she got angry and asked me how it was different than when I have a beer at dinner at a restaurant, then drive us home. I left it alone.

In an attempt to try to settle things down, I recommend to her that she go visit a friend for a while and let me get Calyx into counseling. Julie goes to Ft. Myers to stay with Marcia (a friend from the Army). She's there for almost a week. While she's there, she says that she quit smoking (went to hypnotist and accupuncturist). She comes back saying she hasn't smoked for a few days and hasn't had a drink in a few days.

Julie returns and is smoking (considerably less, but still smoking) and begins drinking again.

Drinking starts to affect the kids - they start mentioning it to me.

The kids tell me they don't feel safe when Julie drives. Beau refuses to let her drive him to soccer, as he says she nearly misses the mailbox and turns in front of a car going to the practice fields - Beau felt in danger. Beau tells me that she's turned LEFT on red at a light before, and when questioned, she told him that it's okay.

2 Nov (?) During a ride home from school, Julie backhands Calyx across the fact multiple times in the car - while Calyx is driving. Then gets after her again when they parked in driveway.

5 Nov - Calyx tells her counselor about the 2 Nov session.

6 Nov - Police and Child Protective Services come to the house (I'm in Dallas). Decide that Calyx is in no imminent danger.

Julie memory is about shot...she can't remember from minute to minute sometimes. She certainly can't remember what she's said to Calyx, which frustrates Calyx because Julie says hurtful things, but only remembers what Calyx says to her. Julie can't remember a question I've asked her not only 10 seconds prior.

Today - Julie has a car wreck - I haven't seen the car, but Julie says the car's really messed up. No problems @ ER. I told Julie that I wanted her to check into a hotel for the evening; that I can't have both Calyx and her in the house after that, it would just be too much. I told her that I don't feel safe with her around the kids. She cries, but says OK pretty quickly. Tells me that she's found a place by Orlando. I asked if it was a treatment facility; it is. I don't know anything about it.

I plan to ask her to move out of the house, at least to a treatment center so she can regain her stability. There's so much dependency going on in her body and mind right now that she's truly a disaster. We all need a break; she needs some clarity and some sanity.

Please don't hesitate to contact me. I'm willing to discuss anything about Julie's illness and situation with you.


Parker Schenecker

Email 2 – December 31, 2011

Dr. Obregon,

Happy New Year. Hope all is well.

Just wanted you to know that I am put of town with my son until Sun night and my daughter’s at a friend’s house for tonight/maybe tomorrow night.

That means Julie’s home alone. She’s been in bed pretty much 24/7 for the past five weeks (not sure she told you during your last appointment). Just wanted you to know.

Her energy seems to be non-existent, her memory is shot, and her balance is way off. She’s been falling quite a bit lately.

I’m not sure she’s taking her meds...she seems to be taking meds but I don’t know the right dosages, and am not checking up on her to see.

She’s depressed (no kidding), but it seems that she’s choosing this - it’s the first time she’s been like this for this long in 20 years. At this point she’s choosing to stay in bed - I know she can’t will herself well but...

She’s mentioned suicide, but not that she’s thinking of acting on it...hoping her energy’s too low to...

Again, just wanted to make sure the info you have is correct, as I know how she’s prone to not tell the entire story.

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