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Maria Satira’s “The Dog Blog” – The Tick Magnet

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In my last post we talked about Roman’s trip to Topsail/Pender County to visit my aunt and uncle.

The first part, you can read here.

The second part, is when he ran away and was lost overnight.

We’re still not sure how it happened. It was about 9 p.m. He was fast asleep in his bed one minute, the next minute he was gone and the door was cracked open.

My family and I spent hours searching, crying, and reporting him missing to just about every outlet. Fortunately, he is micro-chipped, so if someone else found him, he can be tracked back to me. My little cousin and her friend even made LOST signs to hand out to neighbors.

Several hours later with no luck, I managed to fall asleep on the couch and around 3 a.m. – I woke up to the sound of Roman’s collar jingling. He found his way back! What a happy ending to one of the worst days/nights! Yet… it wasn’t over just yet.

He was covered in dirt, mud and TICKS.

Before I go any further, please know he IS on a flea/tick preventative. But you should also know, they’re not always 100% effective.

So I picked a few off, assuming that were all of them. Roman and I came back to Greenville that morning and I did some research on ticks. As I’m reading, I’m seeing more and more little black dots… turns out, he was COVERED in Lone Star ticks. I’ll spare you photos, but they’re the type with a little white dot on their back.

I called the vet but they couldn’t get him an appointment until the next day. So, I bought some tick spray and a pair of tweezers. By the end of the day, I picked 42 off of him. Then I put them in a rubbing alcohol and mouthwash mix, which quickly killed them.

When he was at the vet’s office, the doctor couldn’t find anymore but prescribed him a tick collar, which is good for three months. (I will plan to put him on these every spring and summer!)

For about a week after, I couldn’t stop itching because I kept thinking about ticks. Ask my coworkers! It was a terrible experience! Feel free to ask me any tick related questions, I feel like I’m a self-proclaimed expert now! LOL

Here’s some important information if your pet is lost:
-    Have current photos saved to your photo that you can quickly access.
-    Report the missing animal to local city/county animal control
-    File a missing pet report with the microchip company, if the is animal microchipped.
-    Upload photos to Facebook and social media.
-    There are several “missing pet” Facebook groups by area
-    Keep your phone near you and charged at all times! You never know when someone might call!

Hopefully you never need the above information – but you never know. Pets certainly have a mind of their own!

Thanks for stopping by!
Maria & Roman

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